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All Time Favorite

2005-03-13Lost Language祭

Faraway Projectとダウンタウンのトークによる夜中のハイテンションでちょっと火がついてしまったのでタンテに向かって一人でやっていました。

1.Little Wonder / Eclipse (Faraway Project Remix)

2.2 Players / Signet (G&M Project Mix)

3.Recluse / Yellow Moon

4.Karada / Last Flight (Markus Schulz Return To Coldharbour Mix)

5.Chris Lake / Santiago De Cuba

6.Miro / By Your Side (Ian Wilkie Dub)

7.Ballroom / Passenger (I-Jack's All Work & No Play Mix)

8.Salt Tank / Eugina (Tiesto Mix)

9.Lyric & Natali / Over Emotion (Smart System's Souvenir Mix)

10.Midway / Monkey Forest

11.Quadraphonic / I Can Feel Your Love (U&K Remix)

12.Cultivate / Broken Pieces (Goldenscan Remix)

13.Saints & Sinners / Peace (Michael Wood Remix)

14.Accadia / Blind Visions (Harry Peat Remix)

15.Recluse / Isle Dauphine (Ambient Mix)

16.Probspot / Foreplay

17.Tilt / The World Doesn't know

18.Origin / Wide Eyed Angel (Oliver Lieb Mix)

19.Solarstone / Greenlight

20.Accadia / Into The Dawn (James Holden Mix)

21.Sonorous / Second Sun (Dale Askew Remix)

22.Tilt / Twelve (Dousk Remix)

23.Accadia / Blind Visions

24.Mike Shiver / Feelings (Original Instrumental Mix)

25.Lustral / Broken (Way Out West Remix)