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All Time Favorite


どちらもCDで発売予定ですが、今週から先行してBeatportやJuno DownloadなどのDLショップに並びました。

Airwave - Touareg


ouareg is the 4th album by Belgian producer Airwave. 17 tracks that are combining the early Aiwave sound integrated into his new current sound giving an excuisite blend of music including collaborations with artists from all kinds of ethnic origins. A a bonus some of his classics have been re-recorded and reworked into a 2K8 outfit giving them a proper sound and mixing. From a chilling opening movie anthem to solid trance mixed with true anthemic melodies to even an experimental beats track.

Solarstone - Rain, Stars, Eternal


One year in its creation & representing the first full album from Solarstone as a solo artist, 'Rain Stars Eternal' is the new 'year one' for founder member Rich Mowatt. The album - released on the 19th of May 2008 - pushes the borders of Trance into Progressive & Chillout and yet further beyond. The album coaleses state-of-the-art production & wonderfully creative songwriting with haunting, evocative vocal performances from some of the most talented singers in the world.

It is a beautifully designed 11 track eclectic mixture of styles, from the classic Solarstone trance sound to sultry deep house, from avant garde electronica to big room electro and massive orchestrated downtempo soundtracks, featuring brilliant musicians and vocalists alongside Rich Solarstone's renowned production skills. Vocalists include Elizabeth Fields ('Part Of Me'), Julie Scott ('Filoselle Skies'), Essence ('Lunar Rings') & Alex Karweit ('Break Away').