Mojado? - Senorita

Interstate - I Found U

Duran & Aytek - First Sight

Carlos Vibes - Como Tu (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

U2 - Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix)






Friday the 13th of August, the world's biggest sports event has taken place. After the opening ceremony, everybody agreed that this was one of the most creative and beautiful opening ceremonies, the history of the Olympics has ever known. One performance during the opening amazed billions of people around the world. That night in Athens, Tiesto became the first DJ ever to play during the Official Olympic Opening Ceremony. This event everybody around the world was talking about has been the highlight in the career of Tiesto until now.

Due to all the positive reactions we received on this unique performance at the Opening Ceremony, we've decided to release this DJ set for everybody. Tiesto wants to share the special feeling that he felt during his performance in the Olympic Stadium.

The CD will be released on October 18th and the rest of the world will follow shortly. The CD will contain 8 completely new tracks specially made for this event and 4 well known tracks, which Tiesto really wanted to play at the ceremony. The complete tracklist is as following:

Tiesto - Parade Of The Athletes (Magik Muzik CD 04)

01. Heroes

02. Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit)

03. Ancient History

04. Traffic

05. Euphoria

06. Athena

07. Olympic Flame

08. Lethal Industry

09. Coming Home

10. Adagio For Strings

11. Victorious

12. Forever Today

As we did with Tiesto's latest artist album "Just Be", Black Hole Recordings is pressing a 4 x 12" white and blue coloured vinyl album, containing the 8 new tracks on 1 side each:

Tiesto - Parade Of The Athletes (Magik Muzik LP 04)

A. Heroes

B. Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit)

C. Ancient History

D. Euphoria

E. Athena

F. Olympic Flame

G. Coming Home

H. Victorious

To make it possible to share his music with as many people as possible and because there are a couple of earlier released tracks, the CD will be available for a nice price!



[]Just Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

やばいです。Tune Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Antillas Remix)

http://www.tiestoworld.nl/livestream.htm で聞けます(一定期間過ぎると別のセットに変わるのでお早めに)。3曲目のRiva - Run Awayの次の曲です。最高。期待に応えてくれたAntillasに拍手。Antillasは Andy Hunter - Goのリミックスはとんでもなく最高でしたが、だめなときは全然だめ(Deepest Blueのリミックスとか)なので正直仕上がりがどうなるか心配していたんですが、そんな心配は無用でした。Goのような疾走感はあまりないですが、代わりに強力な多幸感をプラスしたって感じでしょうか。TICでこの曲で天まで飛ばされてきます。


01 Tiesto - Breda 8PM

(=Dallas 4PM Montana Re-Edit)

02 Randy Katana - In-Silence (Txitxarro Mix)

03 Riva - Run Away

04 Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Antillas Remix)

05 Tiesto - Forever Today

06 Floyd - Any Given Day (JVD Remix)

07 Mojado - El Toro

08 Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Matthew Dekay Remix)

09 Tiesto - Traffic (DJ Montana 12" Edit)

10 Marco V - C:/del*mp3

11 Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again

12 ID